"Ancient History from Afar": Video Lectures during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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"Ancient History from Afar": Video Lectures during the COVID-19 Pandemic


This is an image of my google drive during my freshman year (2021) at Rowan University. I was taking a Western Civilization to 1660 course, and even though we were a year or so out from the "height" of COVID things were still very tentative. There were certain days when my professor had to cancel a class because of illness and he sent us these video lectures for us to take notes at home. Ancient history is one of my favorite subjects and having to do some of the lectures remotely was difficult since I wanted to be in the classroom with such an amazing and esteemed professor as the one that I was lucky enough to have. Having this back and forth of in-person and video lectures was somewhat difficult as a student to transition between both locations and learning types. Luckily, my professors' teaching style whether in person or over video is exactly the same, so even though we were not in a room with him, we had the same feeling of being there in the classroom. However, the silver lining is, now I get to keep these lectures for whenever I want to brush up on the "Pax Romana"!


Morscahuser, S.




Glassboro, New Jersey


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September 14, 2023
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Morscahuser, S. , “"Ancient History from Afar": Video Lectures during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” COVID-19 Pandemic Experiences at Rowan University, accessed February 25, 2024, https://digitalhistory05429.omeka.net/items/show/108.