We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who assisted in the creation of this digital project, without their assistance it would have been impossible.

We want to give a particular thank you to both Professor Jessica Mack and those that participated in the interviews:

Professor Jessica Mack deserves a particular thank you as it was only due to her guidance and support throughout the entire journey of our digital history class that we were able to create this fully developed project. She truly made our experience memorable, and it would not have been the same without her.

Those that participated in the interviews deserve a particular thank you as they gave us the honor to collect their personal experiences and impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. Their interviews allowed us to push the educational and informative aspects of this project to heights that would have been impossible to reach without them.

These amazing interviewees include:

    •         Brendan Villacampa
    •         Cheryl Crevier
    •         Corinne Blagojevic
    •         David Lupowitz
    •         Emily Blanck
    •         Kristin Masters
    •         Josiah Rodriguez
    •         Laura Repsher
    •         Maddie Bryant
    •         Madison Hawk
    •         Stephen Hague

We dedicate this project to all of these people, and hope that they enjoy viewing this project as much as we enjoyed creating it.