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This is an image of my google drive during my freshman year (2021) at Rowan University. I was taking a Western Civilization to 1660 course, and even though we were a year or so out from the "height" of COVID things were still very tentative. There…

Rowan Transfer Orientation .png
This image is of an email from the University regarding the 2021 Transfer Orientation. This Orientation came a year after the Covid-19 Pandemic first started. It was made virtual due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, especially in large crowds, where…

Kilborn Kimberly.jpeg
Items contained in the picture: A lighted Christmas tree, an electric fireplace, a rocking chair, three unlit battery-operated candles, a Santa rug, and a coffee table.

Context: While Rowan's classes moved to remote learning, many gatherings of…

Exactly one month into the world-wide shutdown, you start to get lonely. You are afraid to visit anyone.. especially elderly people. This is a video if being dropping off a little care package gift for my grandmom.

I normally visit my grandmother…

This image shows the precautions Rowan took in order to keep the Campus healthy and safe not only in regards to COVID - 19 but monkeypox and the flu as well.

Rowan University Mail - A message from President Houshmand.pdf
Following the nationwide outbreak of Covid-19, Rowan University President Ali A. Houshmand recorded a video to encourage everyone in the Rowan community to persist and care for themselves amid the threat of the virus. While Houshmand was thankful and…

Imagine starting your year hearing rumors about a sickness going around with no cure. You wake up one crisp March morning, and THE WHOLE WORLD shuts down including your Science Class. You are receiving this email of how classes are going to be taking…

During a full year of shutdown, Items at your local stores started to lift the band on purchasing more than one of the same item. The summer went well the next of after the outbreak of COVID-19, people started to get frightened , fearing that we…


An Oral history interview on the affects and experiences of COVID-19 pandemic of a students point of view. Personal review of experiences in the pandemic through learning and isolation. How the experience is varied and different.
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