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This is a screenshot of the video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" for the Nintendo Switch. It released on March 20, 2020, just days after lockdowns began. Unable to interact physically, many turned to virtual formats to keep their social life…

A short video recording standstill traffic in a Rowan University parking lot, waiting to take the New Jersey driver's test on one of the first days it was available after having been closed for several months on account of the pandemic. When the…

RU Vaccination -Covid Artifact.png
This item is a public notice of Covid-19 vaccination requirement for all managerial employees at Rowan University

RU Vaccination -Covid Artifact.png
A public notice to the managerial employees of Rowan University requiring they be vaccinated for Covid-19. Barring any medical or religious exemptions employees could face disciplinary action if they do not comply.

COVID Premium Credit Born Digital.pdf
Shortly after the COVID-19 Pandemic prompted lockdowns throughout the United States, Progressive Auto Insurance began their Apron Relief Program. That program essentially wiped away 20% of their customer's premiums for three consecutive months.


Cape May, a normally lively and active area, closed to the public due to the rampant Covid-19 pandemic ravaging New Jersey.

Moving in to Rowan.pdf
Rowan University had many regulations regarding the move-in process during 2020. The email goes over the details of Rowan’s expectations of everyone moving-in and it states the mandates for everyone coming in close contact with others.

This image shows the precautions Rowan took in order to keep the Campus healthy and safe not only in regards to COVID - 19 but monkeypox and the flu as well.
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